My Christmas Wish

If you had one Christmas wish that was guaranteed to come true, what would it be? A million dollars? World peace? To be able to eat as many Christmas goodies as you want without gaining any weight?

For our cats, their one wish is to find their forever home. OK, so maybe that wish would be their second choice after unlimited catnip and cheese treats, but still. Yes, we fosters provide them with safe, loving homes, but it’s just not quite the same. There’s no joy quite like watching a longtime foster pick their new mom or dad – it can be almost a magical moment where the stars align and the heavens open up and you know that that match was meant to be. For some cats, this moment happens in a matter of days. For others, it takes years. But I know that for every cat, there is a special someone out there just waiting to take them home.

So my Christmas wish this year is for all of our “longtimer” cats to find a home in the coming year. Calvin’s Paws currently has over 50 cats that have been in the program for more than a year (see them all at, and more than half of those have been in the program longer than 2 years. I know, right? Wow. Sure, some of them have a reason – they’re shy, or they’re FeLV or FIV+ (although those of you who know me know how strongly I believe that this shouldn’t matter). But the majority of the cats on our list of “longtimers” have nothing “wrong” with them at all! They have simply been overlooked again and again and again.

Here’s where you come in: these cats need YOUR help. Yes, all of you – every single one. These cats need help finding their forever human. We know their perfect person is out there, they just haven’t found them yet. So please, help us spread the word about these wonderful cats – SHARE this post as much as you can; talk to anyone who will listen about how awesome cats are and why everyone should have one; hell, adopt one yourself! Donate to help us market our cats, foster and bring them out to adoption events, or join our mission to educate people about FIV and FeLV! Anything and everything that you can do helps.

Let’s get to work finding all of these cats homes!

To see all of our longtimers, please follow this link to our “Longtime Rescues” webpage! Then SHARE SHARE SHARE!

Calvin’s Paws is a 501(c)(3) rescue. We work through a network of foster homes throughout the Triangle area to save homeless cats and dogs. We are a dedicated group of volunteers with common goals: rescuing animals (both positives and non-infected felines), finding the best fitting homes for each animal, and educating the public on animal health and responsible pet ownership.


My Christmas Wish