Chase – An FIV Adoption Success Story

Years ago before I was a volunteer/foster Mom for a Rescue group, my daughter wanted a cat for her Birthday. We had just moved into a rental home and I DID NOT want any animals.


She literally forced me to go see this beautiful cat at Petsmart. I did, and fell in Love through the glass window. I read his BIO and was concerned that it said he was special needs having FIV. I had no idea what FIV was and I knew that I would not be able to afford a cat that needed a lot of medical attention. I asked the Vet on duty at Banfield what all is involved with this condition. They were very helpful by telling me all about FIV and gave me information to take home and read about. I decided to adopt the kitty cat after I felt I would not be in over my head with Vet bills. I knew he should not be allowed outside ever and he can spread the virus to another cat if he were to cause a DEEP bite, he needs no special food, humans and dogs cannot catch this virus, he can live a normal life and nobody would ever know that he is FIV positive, not even he knows.

I did try an adopt another FIV kitty for Chase to have a friend, but those kitties were not the right fit for me. Chase was fine with any friend!!! Then one day a friend from work needed to rehome her male gold cat named George real fast. So, I brought him home and they were BFF’s!!!! They were so good to each other and played and never any big arguments.

I hope that people are educated about FIV cats and know that they are just as normal as any other cat and live a normal life.

Today, 5 years later we still have Chase and he is what we call our Cat/Dog. He is playful and loving to our dogs and any foster dog that comes in the house.

Chase and friend

Calvin’s Paws is a 501(c)(3) rescue. We work through a network of foster homes throughout the Triangle area to save homeless cats and dogs. We are a dedicated group of volunteers with common goals: rescuing animals (both positives and non-infected felines), finding the best fitting homes for each animal, and educating the public on animal health and responsible pet ownership.

Chase – An FIV Adoption Success Story

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