The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

by Teri P

I went to Petsmart on the idea I would donate to Calvins’ Paws on behalf of my cat Cheetah who had passed away a few months before. She was 19 and lived a good long life. I missed her deeply, but felt I needed to pay forward some of what she was able to give me.

Then I saw this:

Mr Big

Oh crap. I wasn’t there to adopt, I wasn’t, I WAS NOT. He was just looking out the window in the adoption room and I swear I heard “Whazzup” from that gorgeous face. OMG is this dude HANDSOME! I was in love already. I read the tag attached to his kennel “Mr. Big” was his name, charm was his game. A big fluffy, green eyed love bug. I think he knew already we were destined to be together. We both heard the violins!

He was listed as special needs, FIV in fact. Wait WHAT?!?!? FIV?! That sounds a lot like HIV. What’s this all about. Special needs indeed I thought. There he was, the love of my life (in fur terms of course) and he’s got a bad disease?!?!? NOOOOOOO!!!!

I’ll admit, I freaked a little. What does this mean to his life expectancy, his health, my health, his care, special meds, food, diet, exercise…was I looking at a bubble boy in cat form?

But you don’t understand, I LOVE him already! He’s MY guy, what am I going to do?!

The thought NEVER crossed my mind to NOT adopt him. Oh he was mine, we were ours, you’re coming home with me buddy, but info, I needed info.

Onto the website I went. Whoa…check out all the info on Calvin’s Paws about FIV. I read and reread, asked about 1.2 million questions, read some more.

Will it shorten his life? No

Does he require special meds? No

Special food? No (just lots of food, dude is BIG!)

Can he go outside? No (for the record, my other cat never did, and lived to be 19 so yeah, you’re inside buddy boy)

Is he going to be ‘sick’ all the time? No

Can I catch this? No

Can he spread this? Yes and no…yes, if he bites another cat deep in the muscle. No cuz he’d never do that (he’s a gentleman) and he’s indoors

Can my other cats catch this? Not through casual contact or use of same litterbox, food or water dishes.

What about a dog, can a dog catch this? No, no interspecies jumping does this disease do.

Do I clean the litter box differently? No, just more often cuz dude is BIG!

What else should I know? Lysine helps boost the immune system, give him a treat with Lysine to help him out. Make sure if he gets the sniffles, he sees the vet so anything is brought under control quickly. Regular vet checks and watch his teeth, they might start hurting him as he gets older.

Will he train me in under a week where I will do his bidding whenever he feels I need to? YES

Will be beg for treats like Puss N Boots with those giant eyes and watch me crack under pressure? YES

Will he burp and fart and demand belly rubs and to sit in the sunshine? Hell yes!

Will he take up the majority of a queen sized bed without batting an eyelash at me? YESSIR

Ok, I felt better, questions were answered and I filled out the application. Please oh PLEASE let this go through! He’s my boy, we cannot be kept apart. Then I got the best phone call ever

“When are you coming to pick up your new baby?”

WOOHOOOOOOO!!!! Here I come Handsome!

I ‘may’ have exceeded speed limits to get to Petsmart, but let’s move on. I did the proper signing, oaths (I promise to not declaw you, give you daily brushes, rub your Buddha belly when asked, kiss your forehead and cheeks far too many times a day and love you unconditionally forever and ever amen), got Lysine recommendations, bought some food, treats, litterbox, water and food bowls. We were OUTTA there!! The cardboard pet carrier was too small for my robust guy, he got out and rode in my lap all the way home, purring the whole time. This is what it’s like, this love at first sight thing. Sigh. I will love him and pet him and call him Bunny! He adapted to his new home in an HOUR. No kidding, an hour.

During his time with me, until his passing in November of 2014, he had a few sniffles here and there, but that was it. He was a lovely, sweet, generous cat (generous with his love) and gave me smiles and laughs and love. He was truly the best. In my heart I know this…FIV+ cats just KNOW. They take NOTHING for granted. They appreciate everything, they give more than they receive, they are loving and kind and happy babies. Every. Single. One.

Had I the chance to do this all over again, same outcome, I would.

And guess what, he KNOWS I would. Cuz, FIV+ babies, they KNOW.

Bunny Relaxing

To read more about Bunny’s adventures and the life he led, please check out his personal blog at

Calvin’s Paws is a 501(c)(3) rescue. We work through a network of foster homes throughout the Triangle area to save homeless cats and dogs. We are a dedicated group of volunteers with common goals: rescuing animals (both positives and non-infected felines), finding the best fitting homes for each animal, and educating the public on animal health and responsible pet ownership.


The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

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